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Taylor Curry
Account and Marketing Services Manager

+1 (913) 329-4321
[email protected]


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Audience Extension

Harness the power of our first-party data and display advertising to drive more sales.

Audience Extension campaigns target the business decision-makers in our database who match your target criteria. Utilizing thousands of sites across the web, your campaign is displayed multiple times ONLY to those that fit your target audience requirements.

Ensure your ads are viewed on trusted sites that your target audience frequents. Don’t spend another dime advertising where your core audience isn’t. Raise brand awareness and increase engagement with Audience Extension. 


Product Value Proposition:

  • Extend a brand’s reach by staying in front of the most valuable prospects with audience-based targeting
  • Generate audience engagement by expanding reach to qualified prospects
  • Guarantee viewability by maintaining brand presence wherever the target audience goes online
  • Data-driven audience extension can often perform better than a brand’s onsite advertising programs
  • Audience Extension maximizes first-party data to proactively target audiences with advertising based on attributes and behaviors
  • Audience Extension can leverage look-a-like modeling, expanding reach to new audience profiles most likely to perform the desired campaign KPI

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Our solutions team will work with you to deliver marketing solutions designed to help you reach your unique goals