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Discover the Latest Concrete Industry Trends with Our Active Buyer Study

We understand that keeping up with the latest buying trends is essential for your company’s success. Having a clear understanding of what your customers are looking for and how they make purchasing decisions can give you an edge in securing more deals.  

Download our Active Buyer Study today to learn about:

  • The Growing Role of the Concrete Contractor
  • Equipment, Tool and Vehicle Purchasing Trends
  • Jobsite Automation and Software Trends
  • Factors Influencing Buying Decisions
  • The Concrete Contractors Outlook 

Learn How a Tech company Drove Lead Through Engaging Content

In this success story, we share how a technology company drove qualified leads into its sales pipeline while increasing audience engagement. Discover how they partnered with WOC360 |IRE360 to achieve the main objectives

Download our case study to learn:

  • How a technology company drove qualified leads
  • The solution used to achieve the company’s goals
  • The program approach and strategy
  • The results they were able to achieve

Discover the Latest Content & Purchasing Decision Trends Report

You might be able to close more deals if you have a good understanding of what your consumers want and how they decide what to buy

Download our Content & Purchasing Decision Trends Report today to learn about:

  • Content Types used for researching solutions.
  • Content type used for purchasing decisions
  • Most Helpful type of video content.
  • Recommendations for improving B2B Digital Content.

Discover how Informa Markets Infrastructure & Construction’s solutions can help you meet your sales and marketing goals.