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Lead Services

Content Syndication

Multi-touch strategy to nurture your high-quality leads.

Leveraging our engaged first-party data, we can send your content to your pre-selected audience and drive leads for your sales efforts.  Once your audience is selected, choose your content piece or pieces for us to distribute.  Need help creating content? Our team of independent writers and designers can assist.

Product Value Proposition:

  • Generate qualified leads through attracting customers with relevant content on high-traffic sites
  • Engage with your target audience by showcasing expert content that informs decision-making.​
  • Increased efficiency in client lead generation efforts​
  • Access to Informa’s specialized audiences and influential B2B decision makers​
  • Expanded access beyond the client’s CRM to reach new audiences and grow the sales pipeline ​

Our sales team will work with you to deliver marketing solutions designed to help you reach your unique goals.