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Event Extension

Increase brand awareness by engaging event attendees before, during, and after the event with display ads.

Event Extension maximizes the visibility and impact of your event participation by amplifying your marketing message to highly-targeted audiences across the web. Increase brand awareness by engaging event attendees and prospective customers where they consume online content before, during, and after the event. By leveraging Informa’s exclusive first-party event data, you’ll gain unparalleled access to decision-makers and buyers from across your entire industry.

Product Value Proposition:

  • Powered by Informa’s first-party data insights to accurately target event attendee audiences with precision
  • Amplified ad program across the web to reach relevant audiences and expand your message beyond the show floor
  • Increased deal opportunities by engaging high-value prospects, wherever they consume content, across any device
  • Develop a cross-device marketing strategy to support your event presence, without added complexity

event extension/audience extension

Our sales team will work with you to deliver marketing solutions designed to help you reach your unique goals.